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in the south bay. >>> also -- >> i think it was a colossal failure of evergreen. >> the investigative unit uncovers how a school district mishandled a federal requirement regarding sexual abuse allegationses. >>> good evening to you. i'm kris sanchez. diane dwyer is off tonight. the search is on for a man accused of a heinous crime in san francisco. police say this man doused his girlfriend with a flammable liquid and then set her on fire. that attack happened earlier today in the bay view district as her family members and strapgers watched in horror. nbc bay area is live at st. francis hospital where the victim is being treated for serious burns. monte, her family hoping that she will pull through. >> reporter: kris, that's right. the victim is here at the burn unit. family members tell me that she remains in critical condition tonight. in the meantime, police have identified her boyfriend as the prime suspect. and he is still at large. >> i just want to know why he did it. she didn't deserve it. >> reporter: family members and other witnesses watched in har reporter this after as the ma
, a powerful supporter of the california national guard's leadership speaks out in an investigative unit exclusive. >>> and a rescue at sea caught on camera. a surfer's daring move to reach safety. >>> and good evening, feeling more like spring than winter. we've got some big changes coming our way. not only colder weather, but also rain. i'll detail the timeline coming up. >>> police are hoping you can help identify an armed man who robbed a cell phone and check cashing store saturday night. he was caught on surveillance cameras. police say the man walked into the store holding the gun, just watch, and as soon as he got inside, he pointed it at the employees and demanded money. the three employees were able to get behind a room with bulletproof glass and lock the door as the gunman behind started firing. none of the employees luckily were hurt. the suspect was last seen running from that store. >>> it's been a tumultuous few months at the california national guard. tonight more conflict and back biting. this time, the guard's largest union is questioning the leadership of general david
of it on the table as the city of los gatos faces off with residents over plans for some 400 affordable housing units. can they find a right fit in a city known for affluent homes and an upscale lifestyle? george kiriyama was at the meeting. how did it go? >> reporter: it is still going on right now and it appears the town council is ready to send it back to committee after a very intense public hearing. they may revisit some of the 36 other sites and see if there are better locations. the number one concern from the dozens of neighbors who spoke, number one, increasing traffic followed by decreasing property values. then the quality of education going down. that was the third concern. there are a few locations where the more than 450 affordable housing units would be built but the walnut orchard near highway 17 and highway 85 is the one where many feel building more homes will turn an already congested area into a bumper-to-bumper traffic nightmare. the neighborhood is a one way in and one way out and there's worry property values will go down if high density housing comes to the area. families with
living in this 212-unit apartment building in san jose have had problems getting hot water since december 3rd. >> we're told, catch it when you can. >> reporter: tenants say they've tried to do that. but the water doesn't stay hot long enough even for a quick shower. >> by the time i put on my soap and everything, ice cold. this morning i -- it's easy for me to catch cold that way. >> luke warm. >> yeah, this is not hot at all. when you get in there when the water is hot and then it turns cold, that can be rather shocking for somebody who is 70 to 80 to 90 years old. >> reporter: we asked to speak for management but instead issued a statement from a firm which represents the town park towers. the statement says, the problem with the solar heating system was immediately addressed and repaired on december 3rd. but then another problem was discovered. it goes on to say, as of noon today, quote, the replacement boiler system is providing residents with hot water while we make repairs. >> i have ice cold. >> i know. >> reporter: this evening we went inside two different units and left the tap
for a court appearance, he was found in the philippines and returned to the united states today. >>> what was a friend gesture is now a threat in local neighborhoods. we hear from people in pleasantpleasant enton that say knocks on the front door is something they fear. >> good evening, we are off of the 680 freeway, it's the neighborhoods that run parallel two miles up that -- where people say they have been targeted with knocks on their doors and not the good kind. >> when no one answered one family's nightmare began. the woman on this home said a while man in his late teens tried to pry and then kick down her door after 11:00 in the morning when her mother-in-law screamed he took off in a white pickup that was spotted a few doors down. >> kind of like he was looking for an address like he was lost. >> this more of three said she is on edge, knowing it happened when it was light out in a neighborhood dotted with warnings of security systems. >> knowing that somebody is that brazen to get through the door or want to get through the door is gut wrenching for me. i mean, i don't want to an
refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills online interesting consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. last time congress threatened this course of action, our entire economy suffered for it. our families and our businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> the nation's credit rating was downgraded the last time lawmakers threatened inaction on the debt ceiling in 2011. >>> a whale of a price for a high quality tuna. a bluefin tuna was sold for the egive lenl of $1.7 million in auction in tokyo. the major of the sushi chain was the buyer. he said although the fish was of the highest quality and color, he was surprised at that high purchase price. the fish has already been shipped to the sushi chain where a few lucky customers got a taste. no word on whether it was worth the price. >> strong swimmers proved today that it is possible to escape from alcatraz. today was the sixth annual alcatraz winter swim. people of all ages braved the waters. family members and friends were there to cheer on the swimmers when they completed
to justice. >> nobody is going to attack the united states of america and get away with it. and for that reason we have made a commitment that we're going to go after al qaeda, wherever they are and wherever they try to hide. >> the attack is believed to be linked to al qaeda. they left behind a huge arsenal of weapons that have been put on display by local officials. hostages that survived the ordeal are now returning to their home countries. >> a few inches of snow was enough to throw london's heathrow airport into chaos this weekend with more than 100 flight cancelled today, 400 cancelled yesterday. stranded passengers slept on the floor. the backup happened when the airport took six hours to clear two inches of snow from runways on friday. they still haven't caught up yet and more bad weather is in the forecast for tomorrow. >> those controversial body scanners that show naked images of travelers will be removed from our local airports. the tsa will remove eight canners from san jose international and the five at oakland international. they don't use them. the transport
of the apartment units dead. she had been shot at least one time. they are trying figure out what led up to the crime. this is the second homicide of the year, so far no arrests have been made. >> new at 11:00, a disturbing discovery inside a east bay pizza parlor. the manager arrested for hiding a camera inside a bathroom. police say 31-year-old jason la i -- lasor hid the camera. a female worker called police after finding the hidden cap ra. he was charged with misdemeanor conduct and invasion of privacy. >> now, to a follow-up on a breaking story we brought you at 6:00, a fire ignited by squatters in oakland this evening. drivers of nearby interstate 80 could see the fire as they passed by. police arrested three people that climbed on a nearby rooftop on escape the frames. -- escape the flames. we were told seven people were living inside the vacant house. >> it was abandoned and they were all sharing housing. and they all trained each other how to get out in case of emergency. >> the flames were hard to put out because the stairs inside were destroyed. it was too dangerous for firefi
him carrying a walking staff. that has been broken off. though he never visited the united states, there are numerous statues erected in his honor here and in countries around the world. no word on when or if the statue will be repaired. >>> downtown san jose was packed with who can fans tonight following the sharks first weekend home game since the lockout. >> score! >> it's a welcome change for owners of bars and restaurants in downtown san.jose who have seen business drop by as much as 50%. fans seem just as happy to see downtown thriving in teal and black again. >> it's great, you know? they're coming back. >> very happy they're back. it's a wonderful thing to come to san jose. great places to eat, good people. it's a lot of fun to go in there and watch a game. really fun. >> the sharks have been on fire since season started winning four straight games including today's against the colorado avalanche. tomorrow they take on vancouver at the shark tank. fans are already predicting the team will make it to the playoffs, something bar and restaurant owners would be thrilled about,
wins against the 49ers. >> they put together a tremendous receiving unit. you can't pay too much attention to just one guy. several can hurt you. you know, they're good. and they're coming off of a game that gives them a lot of momentum. every regard and show they could run the ball against a very good run defense. and make a lot of plays on the perimeter with their receivers. >> the 49ers have played four nfc championship games on the road since 1970 and have only won one of them. and that was back in 1988, a game harbaugh remembers well, as he was a backup quarterback for chicago, when the 49ers beat them 24-3. as a result, he hopes to repeat as a head coach sunday against the falcons. in santa clara, mindi bach, nbc bay area. >>> how about nhl hockey talk now. quite a sight for the sore hockey fans' eyes at the shark tank. a little more than a week to go for san jose's home opener, crews were putting paint on hp pavilion. the first time there's been physical contact between the players today. >> nothing like playing a game. you have to be ready to, you know, suck a little wind
% of the programing will originate in the united states. the rest will be from overseas. but al jazeera as part of the current deal will be based in new york. no word on what will happen to lieutenant governor gavin newsom's talk show which currently airs on current tv. >>> blending tech and fashion. do you believe this? still ahead at 11:00, wearable computers. it seems unlikely, but an kohl be working on it. we'll explain. >>> actually, it is big brother. there is no way around it. it's just what it is. >> a controversial upgrade. the local transit agency that won't just be watching you, but listening to you too. >>> and two northern california teenagers are arrested after allegedly drugging their parents. the surprising reason behind the crime. >>> and taking a step to put the pain behind them. students from sandy hook elementary head back to class. >>> big brother might be watching and listening on your next ride too. san francisco is using federal grant money to buy updated surveillance cameras that can be watched and listened to in realtime on muni. nbc bay area's kimberly tere says some
to orchestrate a home invasion in pittsburg, targeting her husband. police say a man broke into a unit at the via serena apartment complex on leland road yesterday. the resident of the apartment stabbed the intruder to death. police say the break-in was a plot devised by the resident's wife and her lover to intimidate her husband. the wife, charmaine taijeron, her brother and jimmy salgado are in custody tonight. the suspect who died has been identified as robert lindsey. >>> the oakland museum of california has been offering a $12,000 for the return of a quartz encrusted gold jewelry box. a sign reading artifact temporarily removed now sits where the box was displayed. you might recall it was stolen early monday. and police believe the burglar is the same man who stole items from the museum just a few months ago in november. the mixing box is engraved with images of early california and is smaller than a shoe box. a pioneer gave it to his wife in the 1800s. >> it was created by a san francisco goldsmith artisan. it does include quartz that has not been mined in california since the 1800s. we con
.s. protect act, a u.s. citizen or a resident alien in the united states is subject to u.s. law. so no matter what that destination country is where they go, as long as they are considered, as long as they're un18, they're subject to u.s. law. whether or not it is legal in that country destination. >> during operation sunflower, 245 people were arrested across the country and 123 sexually exploited children were identified. federal agents say while the operation is over, the effort to find other predators is not. they've released these photos of people they want to question. agents believe the images were taken in san bernardino county but think the suspects could be anywhere in california. >>> telling them how you really feel. it's not something you would think you could get away with. a judge said police may not have the right to arrest you for it. >>> would you believe this? earning a bachelor's degree for just $10,000. details of the bold new idea to help students. >> thank god for technology. >>> a second chance. he penned iconic songs in the '60s but was left penniless. now he's back on
of a neighbor in belize. he was deported to the united states after faking an illness. he says he's now broke. >>> we're back in a moment to talk about the warriors big night and the 49ers. stay with us. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. >>> you are about to see an amazing nba performance by one oakland high school product right in his own backyard. but first, we're just hours away from the 49ers' first playoff game where things just got real this afternoon. we take you out to the hotel where green bay's players and coaches arrived this afternoon. our cameras was there when donald driver and company stepped off the bus. it's the second time they will play this season as the 49ers won in green bay in the first week of the season 30-22. this morning, san francisco wrapped up their last practic
victims unit is investigating this case. they have interviewed michael crabtree about an assault early on january 13th. this is just hours after the team's win, one in which crabtree played an integral part for nine catches and two touchdowns. 49ers fans we talked to were surprised to hear about the investigation. it comes during crabtree's finest nfl season yet and just two days before the nfc championship game. >> i don't know. hoping it's not true. we need him out there this sunday. hoping it all works out for him. >> his onfield performance is great. don't know anything about the guy off the field. >> tuz matter? >> if he's guilty, it kind of matt matters. i don't know. innocent until proven guilty. >> i don't know. i haven't heard enough information, so, i don't know. i can't say. >> tonight, the 49ers released a statement that says in part, quote, we are aware of the allegation against michael, and understand that he is fully cooperated with authorities. the 49ers take such matters very seriously. we will have no further comment at this time as the legal process is ongoing. unquo
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15